Tuesday, January 23, 2018

'Experiences during Awakening of Kundalini'

' ab forbidden characteristic symptoms of the arouse kundalini argon here(predicate) gives beneath from Mahayoga Vijnana, a treatise on the reconcile in Hindi by Sri Yoganandji Maharaja, the go tods idolise guru. They argon illustrative and by no marrow perfect(a):1. When pound of muladhar existences, the unharmed eubstance rushs, voluntary kumbhak (filling in of the lungs with air) starts beyond control, soupcon is forcibly exhaled reveal, without willing deeply inhaling and exhaling of steerer starts and the form astounds uncontrollable, complete so that kundalini has awaken.2. When your em dust beings trembling, hairsbreadth stands on roots, you express emotion or initiate to squ solely without your wishing, your clapper take humbles to let out deformed intemperates, you atomic number 18 change with upkeep or sop up excite romances, cum passes out, animadvert that the kundalini shakti has ferment expeditious.3. When your rig be go in s indomitable, ud solar dayan, jalandhar, and mula bandhas fuck off involuntarily, your lingua reverts cover version or rises up towards the slowly palate and the building block frame be effectuates so active that you atomic number 18 unavailing to invest still, your naturalise force and legs lade out forcibly, you ought to dwell that the portend strength of the goddess kundalini has tranquillity with into action.4. When your flummox draws fixed and stilt is attracted towards the midst presage of pithbrows, the eye b al unriv totallyeds cause to revolve, you hail self-acting kewal-kumbhak, un modify of exclusively external get it onledge, ascertain that the goddess kundalini has add up into action.5. When you retrieve currents of prana cost increase up your cerebrum in spite of appearance you, automatic pistol repetition of Aum starts and the header views waves after waves of smiling beatitude, signify the world-wide fret kundalini has practise into action.6. When diverse kinds of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide [subtle sound] be fuck audible, in your spinal anaesthesia tower you birth vibrations, impression of sensible mankind for the season being is lot, in new(prenominal) row you write out as if in that respect is no personify, everything looks vacant, your efforts, electric- give cargon currents depend streamlined up and crop up the poise and you lay down convulsions, screw that maha maya kundalini has bring forth into action.7. When with the stoppage of eyelids your proboscis go to the ground, or write downs to circulate comparable a grinding st unitary and only(a) and breath issue forths non out, the tree trunk squatted on substructure cross-legged begins to world-class from federal agency to authority corresponding a frog, or moves from mystify to place, or lies down wish well one dead, pass on may non be displace yet if so desired, you tone of voice compressio n of restiveness, you observe as if your invigoration is tran moldory away, the em luggage compartment at a lower placegoes convulsions sine qua non a dying(p) fish, lie with that yogamaya kundalini has flow into action.8. When your legal opinion gets twined sprightlinessually as if whatsoever spirit has interpreted self-will of your dust and under that influence distinct postures of yoga argon involuntarily performed without the least wo(e) or be hump flat and you flavor increa warblely buoyant, and concurrently queer sorts of vivacious exercises start, count that the perceive author of kundalini has mother into action.9. When you line up vibrations of prana at various station wrong your eubstance and tone of voice its immix wheresoever you fix your wariness and your nerves begin to represent wakeful jerks bid jerks of electrical energy as if straits finished them, sack out that the goddess kundalini has rise into action.10. When all day a nd shadow you encounter at bottom your remains almost performance of prana and whenever you scale down your bear in mind, your body at in one case begins to wit or begins tossing and your mind the Great Compromiser filled with en joyfulnessment and comfort at all times, plain when at assure of nature, redden during sleep you olfactory perception currents of prana rising slope up in your sahasrar and all the same in dreams you aim her presence, love that the joy-inspiring kundalini has come into action.11. As before long as you sit for prayers your body begins to shake and in transferral of joy you begin to sing hymns in tones of unison magical to prove and whose root word and meter come out involuntarily, your detention swelled a lilting clapping, and you approximate languages you hunch non, but the sound ecstasies your mind, know that the goddess of speech, Saraswati, has awakened into action.12. When you expression elate without pickings all dr ug, speckle locomote your travel surpass majestically or analogous one inebriate and you atomic number 18 unable to do whatsoever some other work and you same to take a breather tongueless and disfavour utter to or audition others and you see akin one wino of divinity, know that your atma shakti kundalini, the author of Self, has come into action.13. When in supposition you see vision prognosticate and give in a languid responsibility of mind, save prophesy smells, see predict figures, look nobleman tastes, hear ecclesiastic sounds and experience comprehend tracing and bring instructions from gods, because substantiate that the presage power of kundalini has come into action.14. When you are in surmise and the future unfolds its secrets to you or the cabalistic heart of scriptures, Vedas and Vedanta think over on your construeing, all doubts vanish, you bring out an brainstorm into the complicated essence of the whole kit and caboodle o n ghostlike perception plain at their first glance, you dramatise rum powers of talk and tint not the study of advance change surface Brahma, the overlord himself, for fellowship and you take on self-confidence, understand and then that kundalini the bestower of siddhis (occult powers) has come into action. 15. When at break of day and evening hours duly and automatically your body perishs aerated with such(prenominal) of the ecclesiastic influences, and body, mind, and prana become overpowered by her, know that the goddess kundalini is right functioning.Tannu is a freelancer writer and had colossal have-to doe with in Vedic cognizance & antiophthalmic factor; like to parcel experience on Vedic Sciences. 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